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Since 1998, Herko’s personal websites, online projects and sites hosted for family and friends.


HerkoCoomans.nl is my personal blog space. Here I share interesting articles I find on the web, mostly about digital society and digital health.


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“Old school web projects and personal weblogs, that’s what I host here.”

I don’t know who reads weblogs anymore -or who writes them, for that matter. But back in 1996, when I published my first website, it was a big thing. Imagine, anyone anywhere in the world, could read your thoughts! And look at us now, today, where there’s so much information, we’re hunting for bite-sized snacks of info, the whole day.

These personal websites and online projects of mine aren’t special or especially interesting. But they are a part of my online presence and as such should be preserved. And that is what my network is all about.